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Which Charges Cannot be Sealed in Florida?

Should Florida Adopt the Marijuana Justice Initiative?

Recently the Marijuana Justice Initiative was introduced by the governor of Washington state. The legislation intends to permit clemency applications for a couple thousand individuals with single instances of misdemeanor possession convictions. Governor Jay Inslee introduced this initiative to the public at a cannabis industry conference. Adult use of marijuana has been legal in Washington …

Seminole Deputies Bust Fentanyl and Heroin Distribution Ring

Police deputies reported that they took down two major distribution rings famous for dealing fentanyl and heroin in the Seminole County, Florida area. The police made 19 felony arrests as they took down two of the deadliest drug trafficking rings in the state. The bust happened at the end of November 2018, but the investigation …

Which Charges Cannot be Sealed in Florida?

Sealing and expunging arrests and criminal convictions helps many offenders move on with their lives after they have paid their debts to society. Those who have been arrested or convicted of certain offenses may be eligible to seal or expunge their criminal records, depending on the facts of the case. In Florida, offenders have limited …

Pros and Cons of Orlando Drug Court Programs

The United States criminal justice system does not always serve justice fairly. Indeed, while many reforms are needed, the courts do recognize that the perpetrators of alcohol and drug crimes often suffer from addiction. To avoid punishing those who need treatment, a defendant for a drug offense in Orlando may be eligible to attend Drug …

New Law Proposal Would Give Judges More Discretion in Sentencing

The Florida Legislature is considering a bill brought forth by Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Petersburg which seeks to provide judges more discretion when issuing a sentence for drug trafficking. As of today, anyone caught trafficking drugs in Florida faces a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment. Whether the defendant is a regular trafficker or …

Orlando Airport Blocks Medical Marijuana

Millions cheered when the Florida House approved Amendment 2 opening the gates for legal medical marijuana; yet, despite recent legalization, one Florida airport is explicitly restricting the possession of medical marijuana on its premises. Around the same time that new medical marijuana laws went into effect, the Orlando International Airport in Orange County banned legal …

Is Recreational Marijuana Next for Florida?

It took Amendment 2 millions of supporters, the strong backing of $6.2 million, and two turns on the ballot to finally win approval in Florida in 2016. The amendment fully legalized the use of medicinal cannabis in the state as it expanded access to the drug for medical patients and broadened the conditions patients must …

Huge Central Florida Cocaine and Heroin Trafficking Bust, 24 Charged

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation cracked a major drug case after concluding a lengthy investigation into two narcotic trafficking operations. They arrested and charged twenty-four suspects tied to illegal drug activity. Charges included racketeering, trafficking in heroin and cocaine, and weapons charges, among others. The suspected leader of the trafficking scheme, 45-year-old Miguel Mercado, imported …

Florida Senator Pushes for Less Restrictive Medical Marijuana Regulations

On Thursday, a prominent Senator, Rob Bradley, proposed a new bill to broadly legalize medical marijuana. The proposal calls would increase the number of marijuana growing licenses and make it easier for doctors to prescribe it for medical treatment. This bill came days after the health officials implemented the constitutional amendment that allowed cannabis to …

METHAMPHETAMINE BUST: Six Arrested in Polk County

Polk County Sheriff, Grady Judd, just revealed that a two-month long drug investigation has resulted in the arrest of six individuals for trafficking large quantities of methamphetamine. Polk County law enforcement officers recovered more than 6 pounds of meth, five guns, and several thousand dollars. Of the six arrested, one was here illegally. Ignacia Munoz-Delgado …

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