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First-Time DUI Offenders Can Waive Formal Review Hearings

Utah Implements Lowest BAC in Nation…Again

Utah’s local government has taken measures to fight the problem of drunk driving in this new year. The legal limit for drinking and driving in the state is now officially 0.05 percent. This went into effect on Sunday, December 30, 2018, ensuring that New Year’s Eve revelers would have to keep their celebrations in check …

What to Do if You Face DUI Charges as a CDL Holder

People who hold a commercial driver’s license (CDL) earn a living by driving in the transportation industry. As a result, if a person in that field operates under the influence and receives a DUI, it can have severe consequences that can permanently affect their professional life. At the same time, a person with a CDL …

Does a DUI Affect Gun Rights in Florida?

A first DUI is among the most severe misdemeanor crimes in the state of Florida. A DUI conviction can never be expunged or sealed from your criminal record, meaning it will follow you for life. It only takes one DUI to lose your driving privileges, while other freedoms may be stripped upon subsequent convictions. If …

Fourth of July DUI Checkpoints: What You Need to Know

America’s Independence Day celebrations account for nearly half of all DUI deaths each year. In fact, the Fourth of July sells more beer than any other holiday. To protect drivers, law enforcement agencies throughout Orlando routinely set up DUI checkpoints in the leading up to and including July Fourth. In 2016, dozens of law enforcement …

Orlando DUI Arrests Spike During Memorial Day

As the weather warms up, families take advantage of long holiday weekends to skip town. Memorial Day weekend is perhaps the most popular holiday of all for weekend getaways. Just last year, AAA estimated about 2 million people from all over the country traveled to Orlando over Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend provides an …

First-Time DUI Offenders Can Waive Formal Review Hearings

Those who have their license suspended following a DUI arrest in Orlando are no longer required to request a formal review hearing. New legislation allows DUI offenders to waive the formal review hearing and apply immediately for a hardship license. Those who face first-time DUI charges and meet certain standards can receive a hardship license …

Top 3 Things to Know About Orlando Bowl Game DUIs

Despite widespread education efforts, the number of DUI arrests soars following any major holiday. Most Orlando residents know that Orange County police officers are out in full force on select, festive days. In any given year, St. Patrick’s Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are among the top drinking …

Top 4 Holidays with High DUI Rates

The 2017 holiday season is officially upon us. While many of us look forward to reuniting with family and taking some much-needed time off, festive occasions often turn ugly when party guests drink too much and proceed to drive home. Each year, police issue thousands of DUI arrests and drunk drivers cause over one-third of …

4 Things To Do Immediately After You Get a DUI

1. You Only Have 10 Days to Keep Your License After a DUI arrest, your DUI citation serves as a temporary license that allows you to drive for 10 days. Once the 10 days is up, YOUR LICENSE WILL BE SUSPENDED for 6 MONTHS if you had a blood alcohol level higher than .08, or, 1 YEAR …

First Offense DUI Ignition Interlock Bill Passes Florida House Committee

A new bill that would require first-time DUI offenders to have ignition interlock devices has passed its first committee in the Florida House of Representatives. Ignition interlock systems prevent a car from starting until the driver blows into a device that measures breath-alcohol content. The ignition interlock will only permit the car to begin when …

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