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Month: April 2016

Florida’s new civil asset forfeiture law could be a game-changer

A police procedure that has generated considerable criticism among not just criminal defense advocates, but the general public is civil asset forfeiture. Indeed, a recent survey conducted by the Drug Policy Alliance determined that as many as 84 percent of registered voters here in Florida had serious concerns about the practice. For those somewhat unfamiliar …

Retail theft can encompass more than just shoplifting

When we hear the term retail theft, we automatically envision people attempting to leave a store with something for which they did not pay, perhaps concealing a single item under their coat or brazenly walking out with a full shopping cart. While this is an accurate depiction, it fails to account for the various other …

Do You Support Orlando’s Move to Decriminalize Marijuana?

A number of cities across the United States are adopting new ways to deal with marijuana possession and now Orlando is the latest to considering decriminalizing the drug. This past week, The Orlando City Council proposed a new ordinance that could change possession of up to 20 grams into a city code violation. What Does …

Can I refuse to take a chemical test? – II

Last time, our blog began examining what the law here in Florida has to say concerning those scenarios in which a person has been placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence and the arresting officer indicates that they want to take a chemical test of their breath, urine or blood. Specifically, we …

Can I refuse to take a chemical test?

In the unfortunate event you are placed under arrest by a police officer or state trooper who has probable cause to believe that you were driving under the influence of alcohol – likely gained through a battery of field sobriety tests – you might imagine that the incident is essentially over and the next stop …

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