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Month: December 2015

Committed advocacy for those facing hit-and-run charges

When most people learn about a recent hit-and-run accident on the Internet or nightly news, they confidently think to themselves that they could never do anything like that under any circumstances. While this attitude is certainly laudable, it is perhaps overly simplistic, as it fails to account for the reality that the conditions under which …

A closer look at Florida law and the use of recording devices – II

Last week, we started discussing how Florida law is structured in such a way as to provide considerable protection to citizens regarding the interception and disclosure of communications made orally, electronically or by wire. Specifically, we explored how the eavesdropping law dictates that both in-person conversations and electronic communications cannot be recorded without the consent …

Marijuana: Legalization vs. Decriminalization

Just a few short years ago, marijuana was seen as an illegal drug. People who were caught with it were penalized accordingly and would acquire a criminal record as a result of possession and consumption. In recent years, however, many states have taken steps to either legalize or decriminalize marijuana, opening it up for either …

New Orange County Ordinances Provide Lifeline For Victims

Human trafficking continues to be a serious problem throughout Florida, particularly Orange County. In fact, it is the third highest state for reported human-trafficking cases; trailing behind Texas and California. In an effort to combat sex trafficking, Orange County commissioners recently passed an ordinance which will initially require strip clubs and massage parlors to display …

A closer look at Florida law and the use of recording devices

While advances in modern technology have served to enhance our lives to a considerable degree, they are not without their pitfalls. Indeed, now more than ever we have to be concerned about our privacy thanks to everything from high-definition cameras small enough to fit inside pens to the voice recording software found on almost all …

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