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Month: November 2015

Craigslist ad for sex leads to wrongful arrest

A 2011 child-sex sting in Orange County didn’t quite go as planned, despite netting 50 arrests. In fact, for one man, a father of four and a federal corrections officer, it didn’t turn out as he hoped at all. The man responded to an ad soliciting sex and agreed to meet the woman he had …

Can probation be transferred across state lines? – III

Over the summer, our blog began an examination of the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, an agreement designed to “to promote cooperation and coordination” among the 50 states regarding the transfer of supervised offenders. Specifically, we spent some time exploring how probationers in Florida seeking to transfer supervision to another state must furnish their probation …

Can the police search my car if they smell marijuana? – II

Last week, we started exploring whether law enforcement officials have the right to search a person’s car during the course of a traffic stop if they smell marijuana. Specifically, we started exploring State v. Betz, a case which very much seems to indicate that they can indeed conduct such a search. In today’s post, we’ll continue …

Obama Issues Executive Order That Keeps Criminal Records Off Federal Job Applications

Well Obama really is living up to giving people a second chance. It appears that he issued an executive order that will no longer require people to put their criminal record on job applications. Is that a good thing? Certainly proponents would argue that it allows people even with criminal records to apply for jobs …

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