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Month: April 2015

A place to go when you have questions about outstanding warrants

There are certain questions that always seem to arise time and time again in the context of criminal defense. For example, people from all walks of life will commonly ask: Do I have an outstanding warrant? While this may seem like an odd question to some, the reality is that it isn’t always easy to …

Providing skilled and dedicated advocacy when mistakes happen

Whether you’re going out with co-workers after a long day, meeting a friend for dinner or attending any sort of social gathering, there is a very good chance that alcohol will be consumed at some point during the course of the evening. While there is certainly nothing wrong with having some wine, cocktails or beer …

Orange County Cutting Overdue Traffic Ticket Fees by 40%

Drivers with traffic ticket fines will be catching a break this April. Orange, Osceola and Lake County have announced the creation of Operation Green Light. Operation Green Light will provide drivers the opportunity to save 40% on fees from unpaid traffic tickets. The initiative will be running for two days only on April 17th and 18th. The …

Examining your privacy rights as they relate to your smartphone – II

In our last post, we discussed how the Supreme Court of the United States handed down a historic decision this past summer in Riley v. California, a case examining the extent to which the Fourth Amendment protects our cell phones against unreasonable searches by law enforcement officials. To recap, the court ruled unanimously that law …

Do You Have a Right to Cell Phone Privacy

If you ever take a moment to look around you at work, at the store, on the bus or even in your own home, chances are very good that you’ll observe the characteristic posture of the smartphone user: head down, one hand held up, and the other hand busy scrolling or typing away. Indeed, smartphones …

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