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Month: December 2014

How to Avoid a DUI At The 2015 Super Bowl In Arizona

Just four short years after hosting its first Super Bowl in 2011, University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona is about to host its second. Thousands of football fans from all over the country will convene in Glendale, on the west side of Phoenix, ready for tailgating and celebrating the two best teams in football …

District fire chief faces driving under the influence charges

There are many reasons why drunk driving is strictly prohibited all over the United States, including in Florida. First, drunk drivers are prone to errors, endangering their lives and other people’s lives as well. Second, drunk drivers often drive too slow or too fast, which is a common cause of motor vehicle crashes. All drivers …

Florida couple faces theft charges

Theft crimes can range from minor criminal offenses such as shoplifting to serious offenses like grand theft and fraud. Taking someone else’s property with the intent to deprive that person of the property is called theft. In Orland, Florida, it is a common knowledge that theft charges depend on the nature of the offense. Some …

Child Porn sting Nets 16 Arrests in Central Florida

Over a dozen people have been arrested and for child pornography in central Florida from a sting operation put on by the FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement). FDL office Danny Banks who is the special agent in charge of the FDLE office in Orlando confirmed the investigation resulted in 12 search warrants, 16 arrests …

What are the consequences of commercial drunk driving?

Drunk driving cases are common in Orlando, Florida. Drivers who have consumed a little or a lot of alcohol can be charged with drunk driving, if they get pulled over and the officer believes that the driver is intoxicated. A series of sobriety and blood-alcohol level tests may ensue to confirm police suspicions. Readers should …

How we defend people accused of drug crimes

State and federal laws prohibit the production, distribution and use of various illegal substances such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin. Every day, Florida residents read or hear about people being charged with drug crimes. In fact, some of those charged have been wrongfully accused of crimes or are victims of circumstances over which they have little …

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