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Month: November 2014

Former science teacher arrested on sex crime charges

Sex offenses by the nature of the crimes are usually sensitive cases. In Florida, specifically in Orlando, sex crimes often involve cases of rape, child pornography, child sexual abuse and prostitution. Each sex crime comes with unique penalties. Anyone who is facing sex charges must defend themselves against the damaging allegations to avoid serious repercussions, …

Overview of the self-defense plea in a criminal assault charge

Anyone can be accused of a criminal offense. Before a sentence is imposed, a person accused of a crime will often be subjected to a trial to determine if that person is guilty of the offense. The accused has the right to establish a strong criminal defense to contest the damaging allegations. Many types of criminal defense …

Central Florida Woman Dismembered and Cooked Neighbor

Central Florida resident, Angela Stoldt is facing some serious penalties after killing her neighbor James Scheaffer in April 2013. Recent court documents detail the murder committed by Stoldt where she confesses to stabbing both of Scheaffer’s eyes with an ice pick, strangling him with a cord, and then dismembering his body so she could cook …

Florida or Germany: Take the Quiz and See Where These Weird Crimes Were Committed

There are few places in this world stranger than Florida or Germany. Take the quiz and see if you can tell where this strange arrest happened. 1. Drunken Man Found Asleep On Horse   Actual Photo On October 31, 2013 an unidentified 26-year-old man discovered asleep and drunk in a stable on top of a horse. …

5 Most Outrageous Thanksgiving Day Arrests

In celebration of this Thanksgiving holiday we provided the most outrageous turkey day crimes that even a pilgrim couldn’t commit. 1) Waddling Away  In 2011, a teenager from Brooklyn shoved a 12-pound turkey breast into his baggy sweatpants and then attempted to waddle out of the store. Unfortunately for him, the butcher took notice and …

Theft charges are difficult to deal with; we can help

Generally, theft is the act of taking another person’s property with the intent to deprive that person of such property. In Central Florida, readers may be familiar with the most common form of theft, which is shoplifting. This criminal offense can be either a minor or serious offense, depending on the value of the stolen …

Amendment Two Failed and So Did Florida

In a state with declining revenues and a grim economic outlook the proposed amendment two that was potentially a billion dollar industry fell short with only 57% of voters approving it. Despite early polls in July, showing more than 80% approval for medical marijuana, unfortunately most of that support seems to have vanished on Tuesday Night. In contrast several …

The consequences of drunken-driving convictions in Florida

Drunken driving is strongly associated with motor vehicle crashes. Florida is not alone in having many drunk driving accidents that injure or kill pedestrians and motorists. Some were single-vehicle crashes and others involved one or more other vehicles. Over the decades, because of the catastrophic results of drunken driving, state legislators have passed tough laws that punish …

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