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Month: November 2013

Osceola Sex Sting

SEX STING IN OSCEOLA COUNTY RESULTS IN 28 ARRESTS 28 people were arrested in a sex sting operation in Osceola County this past weekend. According to various news sources around Central Florida, a teacher, a former navy pilot, a businessman from overseas and a woman were arrested along with 24 other people for crimes ranging from Traveling to …

Entrapment Massage Video

Therapeutic massages offer people many benefits that can enhance their physical and mental health. While the majority of massage parlors are legitimate and offer services conducted by a licensed therapist, their reputations can be severely damaged by law enforcement stings that are often unwarranted and the result of negative reviews and false reports of wrong doing. Fortunately, …

Heroin ring busted in Orange County, drug agents say

The Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation is at it again. On November 20, 2013, the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation arrested sixteen (16) people for allegedly racketeering and trafficking heroin in the Central Florida area in an investigation known as “Operation Chupa Cabra.” The Agents obtained arrest warrants for all of individuals and did a major round up of …

Charges dropped against Florida teens in bullying case

Florida prosecutors announced this week that they have dropped charges against two teenage girls who were accused of bullying a classmate who later committed suicide. The two teens had been charged under cyber stalking laws. These cases are very difficult for the communities that they impact, since there can be a fine line between making …

Zimmerman Arrested Again

George Zimmerman was arrested Monday, 11/16, on his second domestic violence charge in the past three months at the home of his girlfriend. The previous charge in August had been against his wife, and he was released. Law enforcement arrested Zimmerman, and he spent last night in the Seminole County jail with no bond. He goes to …

To Talk or Not to Talk, That is the Question

In my experience as a prosecutor and now at the conclusion of my first week as a criminal defense attorney a couple of common themes have arisen. First, regardless of how good you think your friend is or of how much they say they “owe you for protecting them”, he or she will NEVER do time for …

Federal Law Enforcement Uses Facebook to Arrest Fraud Suspects

Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation recently traveled to Orlando to arrest two individuals who were suspected of credit card fraud. The two people who were arrested are a couple from Brazil who were in Florida on vacation and had been posting information and photos from their trip to the social networking site Facebook. …

Arrested at Electric Daisy Carnival: Know that you have rights

Orlando is home to many attractions and events. This past weekend thousands of people converged on Orlando to attend the 2013 Electric Daisy Carnival. Unfortunately, at events such as this ordinary people are sometimes subjected to overreaching conduct on the part of law enforcement and security personal. Some of those encounters will inevitably result in …

Orlando Backpage Police Stings

Like everything else, the sex trade has changed with the growth of the internet. But one thing has not changed. There are men willing to pay for sex, and women willing to take their money. Come to think of it, there is another thing that hasn’t changed. In most of the U.S., selling or buying sexual …

Talking to police leads to 7 felony and 1 misdemeanor charges

If you get pulled over by police, do you know what to do? Although no one should ever be disrespectful or problematic when dealing with police, all criminal defense lawyers will tell you to never talk to police without a lawyer present. Even if it seems like a relatively minor situation that is based purely on …

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