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Month: January 2012

Fraud in Florida – What is It and What’s at Stake?

Mortgage fraud. Insurance Fraud. Check fraud. Even theme park ticket fraud. All involve some type of dishonesty. Depending on the severity of the dishonesty, all can land you in jail or prison. Or, as previously discussed on this blog, like Casey Anthony, may land you on probation for a period of months or years. Not to mention …

How Casey Anthony Ultimately Faced Probation in Florida

Probation in Florida is a Serious Matter! When the courts place a convicted offender on probation in Florida, it can have extensive consequences for that individual, not only during the probation term but for years to follow. Just some of the penalties for violating probation can include paying court fees, working at community service hours, …

Reasons for Record Expungement

A poor decision in a moment of weakness, or hindered by the rationale of an immature juvenile mind, may greatly impact a person’s future. If a “not guilty” or “no contest plea” were entered, one might want to look into having their record expunged. Misdemeanors can be sealed, along with a number of felonies. Something as simple …

Sex Sting Successful This Past Weekend in Osceola County

When the Osceola County Sheriff ran a sting operation, the sex sting proved to be successful. Several men were using a computer to solicit sex from a minor from various chat rooms and email. In printed conversations, the men admitted they knew the girl was underage and they knew it was wrong to solicit these …

New Study Shows Occasional Marijuana Use Is Not Bad For The Lungs

One of the hottest topics for debate nowadays is the decriminalization of marijuana. Recent studies have shown that not only is marijuana beneficial to help treat certain health conditions, but it is also a safer alternative to a variety of often deadly pharmaceutical medications. Many states in the U.S. have either decriminalized possession of marijuana, …

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