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Florida Criminal Record Sealing Bill is Not What It Seems

When you are arrested in Florida, the details of your arrest become a matter of public record almost instantly. Innocent or guilty, your arrest information and mugshot become publicly available through law enforcement websites, online court records, mugshot publishers, your local news station, and more. In today's age of technology, your reputation can be ruined in less than 24 hours by friends, co-workers, or even enemies who may share your mugshot or arrest details on social media or within their own gossip circles.

Florida Likely to Become First State to Shift Stand Your Ground Immunity to Prosecutors

stand your ground florida.jpgOn March 15, 2017, the Florida Senate passed a Stand Your Ground bill (SB 128) that will effectively make it easier for defendants to be protected under the law. The bill then made its way to the House on April 4, 2017, where they amended the law so that a case must be proven with "clear and convincing evidence," rather than "beyond a reasonable doubt." This change not only lowers the burden of proof but also shifts the responsibility of proving the case from the defendant to the prosecutor. 

Florida Senator Pushes for Less Restrictive Medical Marijuana Regulations

medical-marijuana.JPGOn Thursday, a prominent Senator, Rob Bradley, proposed a new bill to broadly legalize medical marijuana. The proposal calls would increase the number of marijuana growing licenses and make it easier for doctors to prescribe it for medical treatment.

Florida Passes Medical Marijuana - What Happens Now?

As almost all Floridians are aware, Amendment 2 was passed this election, giving Florida patients the right to use cannabis for medicinal purposes. The problem is that everyone is wondering, what now? Unfortunately, the best answer to that question is to wait. Despite the passing of this amendment, it still needs to be implemented before patients can freely make use of medical cannabis.

Retail Stores Are Now Using Facial Recognition to Catch Shoplifters

facial recognition software stops shoplifting.jpgIn the last couple of years, many retail stores have been incurring huge losses resulting from shoplifting. However, with the new technology of using cameras with high quality face-recognition, they have been able to identify shoplifters and, in several cases, big spenders.

What You Need To Know About Florida's New Laws

new Florida laws.jpgIn the Florida, lawmakers passed 279 bills during this year's assembly. 161 of these bills took effect July 1st, the start of fiscal year. Some of the areas influenced by these new laws include property taxes, school bullying, and criminal punishment, as well as a few other items that affect everyday life for some residents.

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