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What are the penalties for federal drug trafficking charges?

  • 30
  • October

Due to the detrimental effects of drugs and other illegal substances, Florida has enacted some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. Readers should note that many drug crimes can be prosecuted on either a state or federal level. If you are facing drug charges and are going to be prosecuted in a state court, you are dealing with less serious charges as compared to federal drug charges. Federal drug charges can trigger mandatory minimum prison sentences and hefty fines.

Federal drug charges involve Schedule I, II, III, IV and V substances, with the exception of marijuana. The type of drug and the quantity seized can determine the potential consequences that come with a conviction on federal charges.

The difference between sexual assault and rape in Florida

  • 24
  • October

Central Florida readers know that accusations of sex crimes should be addressed very carefully. Any one accused of such offenses is often ostracized by the public, which in turn, results in damaged reputation. Different types of sex crimes exist and each offense carries unique sentences and penalties upon conviction. Rape, one of the most common types of sex crimes, was already discussed in a previous post. Readers, who want to learn more about sex crimes, may also be interested to know the difference between rape and another common sex crime, sexual assault.

Generally, rape is about penetration of the victim's private parts whereas sexual assault does not involve penetration. A person can be charged with sexual assault by exposing the victim to pornography, exhibitionism, displaying obscene images to the victim, intentional touching the victim's private body parts such as breasts, groin, anus or genitals. It is important to note that sexual assault can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or race. A person can also be charged with sexual assault if the victim claims that he or she did not agree to such behavior or acts, which may have happened when the victim was intoxicated, drugged or incapacitated.

We can be your shield in your fight against criminal charges

  • 17
  • October

Laws are made to maintain peace and order in the community. Central Florida readers are aware that each criminal offense can bring various consequences such as probation, fines, mandatory minimum sentences, and other penalties. If convicted, some severe criminal offenses can leave a permanent dent on your record. The good news is that anyone accused of a criminal offense has the right to tell his or her side of the story in an effort to prove his or her innocence of the criminal allegations.

Our Orlando criminal defense lawyers understand the intricate details of each criminal charge. We have handled numerous cases ranging from theft and drug offenses to sex crimes and other serious criminal offenses. Following criminal charges, there is always hope. By using an aggressive approach and a resilient criminal defense, an accused person can have a second chance if the charges are reduced or dropped, or the case is dismissed.

Synthetic Drug Charges Dropped Against Seminole County Liquor Store Owner

  • 14
  • October


Prosecutors have dropped the charges against a Casselberry liquor store that was raided for supposedly selling illegal synthetic drugs. After seizing hundreds of packets of what was thought to be synthetic marijuana back in January, only two tested positive for illegal substances.

Store owner Doug Markovitz was charged for selling synthetic marijuana, but after producing paperwork from the supplier saying the products were legitimate, prosecutors dropped the case.

"We had the feeling, you know, deep in our gut that it was going to get dropped because we were not doing anything illegal," said Doug's brother, Brad Markovitz, who also works at the store.

Since 2012, legislature has cracked down on illegal synthetic drugs by banning hundreds of different chemical combinations. Florida law has made it a third degree felony to manufacturing, sell or possess synthetic drugs which is punishable by up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

After all the trouble the store has gone through, Brad Markovitz said he wants nothing to with those products again. Since the raid, the brothers have been trying to repair the stores damaged reputation.


Gas station's daily customer faces robbery and theft charges

  • 10
  • October

Theft is the act of taking another person's property with the intention of depriving the victim of that property. Orlando, Florida, readers may be interested to learn the differences between some of the different types of theft such as burglary and robbery. Burglary refers to entering someone else's property and taking something inside that property, while robbery is the act of taking someone else's property with the use of force or weapon.

Theft charges vary. For example, a person accused of shoplifting may face petty theft charge while a person accused of stealing a car can be charged with grand theft.

Five of The Craziest Reasons to Get Arrested at a Tailgate

  • 09
  • October

Woman_in_Custody_at_Dolphins_Game.jpgWe are officially in the throes of football season in America. While students and fans enjoy open alcohol container policies across college campuses and tailgate lots there is always a small group of people who seem to take the party too far. Here are five people who should have just stayed home on game day.

1.  Game of Drones: A university of Texas student was arrested on September 9th for flying a drone over the football stadium during a game. Police reported a second drone being flown during the game but the owner of that one cooperated with police so no charges were filed. I wonder what the charge is for flying a drone while under the influence. Click here to read more...

2.  Urine for it now: In 2008 during the Indiana vs. Ball State game an Indiana fan was arrested for urinating in a cup and was purportedly going to throw it on Ball State fans. After an usher smelled the cup and reported the liquid did in fact smell like urine authorities were called to the scene. Click here to read more...

3.  I have a Streaking Suspicion: In 2012 a Texas Tech football fan was arrested for streaking during the game. Oddly enough, alcohol was said to have not played a factor in this one. Click here to read more...

4.  Chug this or you don't get an allowance: In September of this year a Tennessee Volunteers fan forced his 15 year old son to binge drink during a game against Oklahoma. The 15 year old was found passed on the floor. Click here to read more...

5. Dog keg stand (No Pun needed here): According to Time Warner Cable News, a man attending an off campus party at the College of Brockport: State University of New York was photographed making a dog do a keg stand. After the picture was posted on the twitter account @SUNYPartyStory police began an investigation for animal abuse. As it turns out the dog didn't even belong to the accused and had been stolen from its owner. Click here to read more...

13 People Arrested in Polk County Sex-Sting

  • 03
  • October

sex sting.jpg

Polk County Sherriff's deputies ended a successful sex-sting operation on Thursday after arresting 13 people. Of those arrested for soliciting prostitution, nine were married, one had cocaine and a baby, while another was scheduled to report to prison on Friday.

Polk County Sherriff's Deputy Grady Judd made a statement about the arrests, stating, "Crack cocaine was found in the car with an infant in the back seat, and one suspect celebrated his birthday by getting arrested. We just can't make this stuff up."

The owner of that car, Furious Shell, was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia, soliciting for prostitution and additional failure to appear warrants from previous arrests.

Kevin Hobby, the driver and man scheduled to report to prison, was arrested in July of 2013 for human trafficking charges and has been required to wear a GPS monitoring device since. He is now charged with possession of cocaine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving with a suspended or revoked license.

Detectives decided to work undercover after receiving information about possible solicitation activity in the Inwood and Lake Ida areas of Polk County. Detectives focused on males who were soliciting females for sex.

Don't Drink and Jog: College Student Arrested for Jogging Drunk

  • 02
  • October

According to a Lower Saucon police report James Finan a DeSales University student was arrested last Saturday morning for jogging while intoxicated.

drunk-student -running.jpg

James Finan who is a business major was observed running along Route 378 in Lower Saucon in the early morning hours on Saturday. Police stopped him after "some vehicles were observed to take defensive maneuvers to avoid Finan."

Saucon Police reported that upon speaking with the officers "Finan smelled of alcohol and was unsteady on his feet."

According to lehighvalleylive the student was charged with public drunkenness after registering a blood alcohol level of 0.19, with the legal limit being .08.

Maybe after a hard night of drinking he just couldn't wait to burn off those beer calories or maybe he was training to take down this guy.

Michael Phelp's DUI Arrest Told Through Gifs

  • 01
  • October

Maryland police confirmed the arrest of Michael Phelps early Tuesday morning for driving under the influence. Phelps was pulled over by Maryland Transportation Authority police at 1:40 a.m. on Tuesday outside the Fort McHenry Tunnel on Interstate-95. This is his story told through gifs. Remember, if you get arrested for driving while under the influence be sure to get an experienced Orlando dui lawyer.

Tuesday Morning

A Maryland Transportation Authority (MDTA) Police Officer operating stationary radar device on southbound I-395 leaving Baltimore City clocked a White 2014 Land Rover going in excesses of 84 mph in a 45 mph zone.

The Officer followed the vehicle onto northbound I-95 and initiated a stop. Michael Phelps was identified as the driver by his driver's license and appeared to be under the influence.

Mr. Phelps was unable to satisfactorily perfom a series of field sobriety tests. The statement says the officer administered field sobriety tests to Phelps. Asked to do a one-leg stand, the statement says, "the operator stated 'that's not happening.'"

Mr. Phelps was then taken to jail but was cooperative throughout the process.

funny gifs

Authorities reported that Phelps also failed a Breathalyzer test, but would not confirm the results. Phelps was later released.

This is the second time Phelps has been charged with a DUI. The first charge came in 2004, when Phelps was 19.

What are the mandatory sentences for drug trafficking in Florida?

  • 01
  • October

In Florida, where drug crimes are more common, local residents may have heard about various drug offenses, including drug possession and drug trafficking. These two common types of charges carry unique penalties. If you were charged with drug possession, this could mean that authorities discovered or found an ample amount of drugs in your possession. When it comes to drug trafficking charges, authorities may have confiscated a large quantity of prohibited substance and they believe that you intended to distribute or sell the illegal drug.

There are mandatory sentences for those accused of drug trafficking. It is important to understand that the sentence depends on the type of drug confiscated and the quantity. If you were caught with more than 25 pounds of marijuana or 300 cannabis plants, you can be charged with trafficking in cannabis -- a first degree felony. If the confiscated cannabis is between 25 to 2,000 pounds, the defendant can be sentenced to a minimum of three years and fined $25,000. If the total weight of confiscated cannabis is between 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, you can be sent to prison for seven years and fined $50,000. If the confiscated cannabis weighs more than 10,000 pounds, you may be fined $200,000 and sentenced to a minimum of 15 years of jail time.

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