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Orlando Criminal Defense Law Blog

Societal costs high for sex crime convictions in Florida

A certain stigma comes with having a sexual conviction on your record. As if being listed on Florida's public sex offender registry and the national registry isn't enough, there are also the possible personal and professional repercussions. Add into the mix a residency ban, which is a real thing in certain areas, and the fallout from a sex crime is one that can continue to haunt a person -- and their families -- for years to come. 

With the registries and residency bans, the problem is the consequences do not start and end with just the person on the registry. Rather, their family members -- including their children -- are often forced to suffer through the consequences too. 

Effective representation for minors facing theft charges

Now that kids across the state of Florida are on the verge of starting another school year, parents can finally breathe a sigh of relief. While some of this relief will certainly come from no longer having to make daily arrangements, the majority of it will come from the knowledge that their kids are in a safe place where they will better themselves and prepare for the road ahead.

As true as all this is, the reality is that the start of the school year may also see kids fall victim to peer pressure and/or be reunited with fellow students who don't exactly exert a positive influence.

Can probation be transferred across state lines? - II

In our last post, we began discussing the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision, the agreement through which the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have pledged to work with one another to facilitate the transfer of supervised adult offenders across one another's borders.

Our blog will continue this important discussion in today's post, examining the eligibility requirements of the Interstate Compact.

Florida narcotic crackdowns leave patients without medication

Imagine that you suffer from a condition that leaves you in excruciating pain on a regular basis. Now imagine that you were not able to get any medication for it -- even though your doctor prescribed it.

This may seem like an unlikely scenario, but it is exactly what is happening to people throughout Florida. Why? Because a federal crackdown on narcotics has left pharmacists so little access to certain medications that they can't fill prescriptions for patients who have a legitimate medical need.

Can probation be transferred across state lines?

As open as you might be to the prospect of probation, it's important to understand that this alternative to incarceration is certainly not without its substantial challenges. Indeed, you will not only have to report regularly to your probation officer, but also complete treatment programs, satisfy financial obligations, fulfill community service hours, and subject yourself to random alcohol and drug testing.

Despite the existence of these substantial challenges, it's nevertheless important for you to understand that being placed on probation doesn't necessarily prevent you from crossing state boundaries. In fact, this remains a viable option thanks to something known as the Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision.

Understanding what state law has to say about recording the police

The next time you interact with a police officer, you may notice that he or she is wearing more than just the usual assortment of law enforcement tools from a radio and notepad to handcuffs and handgun. In particular, you may notice that they are wearing what looks like a small camera.

This isn't your eyes deceiving you. As it turns out, more and more police departments around Florida and across the nation are now equipping officers with so-called body cameras. Indeed, many departments have strict rules mandating that officers must activate their body cameras any time they interact with the public and abide by carefully delineated storage procedures.

Will a criminal record stymie your travel plans?

While sitting down to plan a trip abroad is undoubtedly a very exciting proposition, it also stands to be a lot of work. That's because you have to make sure you have a host of items taken care of ahead of time, including plane tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, tour plans, currency exchanges, vaccinations and travel-related shopping trips to name only a few.

Furthermore, it will be necessary to ensure that all of the necessary travel documents are in place, starting, of course, with a U.S. passport. However, this laborious task can become all the more so if you have questions about your eligibility to secure a passport thanks to a criminal record.

Out-of-state DUIs and your driver's license

Unlike other areas of the country, Florida's tourist population does not depend on the calendar. Indeed, our year-round warm weather coupled with our beaches, theme parks, golf courses and endless attractions, means the Sunshine State always sees a steady supply of tourists.

Of course, with this large tourist population comes more arrests, as people sometimes let their freedom get the best of them. In particular, a large number of tourists are arrested for driving under the influence here in Florida every year, a phenomenon that is perhaps not altogether surprising given the central role that alcohol can play while on vacation.

Posing your pooch as a service animal is now a crime

A few weeks ago, our blog discussed how 130 new laws were scheduled to take effect here in Florida on July 1, highlighting those we felt were important for people to be aware of and those that we found exceptionally entertaining.

While there has been relatively little discussion since the majority of these new laws were officially enacted, there is at least one new criminal law that has people talking.

What happens when stolen property is found at a pawnshop? -- II

Last week, we started discussing how the seemingly simple task of recovering stolen property from a pawnshop might not be quite as simple as most people think. That's largely because state law mandates that pawnbrokers must be afforded an opportunity for a hearing, meaning law enforcement officials are not legally permitted to simply confiscate the item on behalf of the purported owner.

In today's post, we'll continue this discussion in an attempt to provide both property owners and pawnbrokers with a better understanding of their rights under the Florida Pawnbroking Act.

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