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Getting a Ticket for Not Having a Motorcycle License in Florida Can Be a Real Pain

The state of Florida requires individuals who ride a motorcycle on public roads have a specific type of endorsement on their license. This is called a motorcycle endorsement and is obtained from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Cited for a Motorcycle Violation? 

Beginning in 2008, any new motorcycle riders must pass the Basic Rider Course that is offered through the Florida Rider Trainer Program. Individuals who are riding a motorcycle without this endorsement are subject to various penalties. If you need to take this test, an instructor can easily be found on by visiting the DHSMV website. You can also obtain a motorcycle license only endorsement.

The law that established the Basic Rider Course is Florida Statute 322.03(4). If you are found violating this statute for riding a motorcycle without a license, you are guilty of a second degree misdemeanor. The penalty for not having a motorcycle license could result in a fine of $500, up to six 6 months of probation or 60 days in jail. However, you can mitigate your sentence for this offense by first contacting a lawyer or attorney.

Penalties for not having valid motorcycle endorsement are different than a typical traffic violation that is issued by the police. When you do not have a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license, no opportunity is available to ride the bike home. Your motorcycle will typically be impounded by the police and you are then taken to the police station and issued a ticket.

Contest Your No Motorcycle License or Endorsement Charge

If you are issued a ticket for not having a valid motorcycle endorsement on your license, the penalty for the infraction may be forgiven. To achieve this outcome you will need to enroll in a Basic Rider Course and pass the test. Once you have successfully passed the test, the charge will be dismissed and you will then be able to drive your motorcycle legally.

Need help with your motorcycle traffic violation?

In the event that you need to attend court for your infraction, you may need to hire an traffic violation attorney. You are likely to save yourself time and effort as you do not need to be present for hearings at all times.

The Orlando motorcycle license lawyers The Umansky Law Firm is knowledgeable in motorcycle traffic violations.  If you need help with your no motorcycle license or no motorcycle endorsement cases, contact us today at (407)228-3838.

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