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Traffic Violations

Traffic Violation Attorneys Representing Clients For Anything From Speeding Tickets to Suspended Licenses

No matter big or small, we can assist with your traffic case.  Call us for more details at (407)228-3838.

Law enforcement agencies use traffic tickets to make citizens aware of traffic laws in order to protect other citizens around them, and to ensure a steady traffic flow. In recent years, Central Florida has installed surveillance cameras in its surrounding counties to protect local drivers. Many cameras are used at certain intersections that are known to law enforcement agencies where accidents occur more frequently. This is an important step to make the public aware of dangerous intersections and also help citizens from being wrongfully charged in court. On the other hand, the City of Orlando increased efforts to raise revenue by writing more tickets. Unfortunately, this may have an immense impact on safe drivers who are victims of government tactics such as decreasing yellow light times. This is at cost to you, the individual, that doesn't have the time to deal with going to Court and getting points on your license. Sometimes it is more convenient to let a citation or ticket be taken care of by an experienced traffic attorney in Orlando.

Central Florida Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Like many drivers, you may be uncertain of your rights when you receive a traffic ticket. Like most drivers, you may simply pay your traffic tickets, without knowing that you are receiving points on your driver's license that carry long-term consequences, including:

  • Increased insurance rates
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Suspension of driver's license for habitual traffic offenders

If you have received a traffic ticket in Central Florida, you need experienced legal counsel to protect your rights.

Former Prosecutors Protecting the Rights of Drivers
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At The Umansky Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, our traffic ticket defense attorneys represent individuals who have received traffic citations anywhere in Central Florida, including Windermere, Tuscawilla, downtown Orlando, Winter Garden, Heathrow, Isleworth and Kissimmee. Contact us to discuss your case.

At The Umansky Law Firm we work to prevent driver’s license suspension, to mitigate any additional points on your record, and to protect your driving privileges. Our defense attorneys represent local residents, over-the-road truck drivers and tourists who have received traffic tickets for:

What Can a Florida Traffic Ticket Attorney Do For You?

If you get a traffic ticket, a traffic charge defense attorney can appear for you at a hearing, challenge the law enforcement officer to prove the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt, and minimize the damage to your driving record by requesting that no points be assessed by the court. As your traffic ticket attorneys, we may be able to get the court to allow you to take a driving school option when you are ineligible by statute, either due to a recent driving school election or because the maximum school allowance has been surpassed.

If you received a traffic ticket, you could feel frustrated with no options besides accepting the citation and paying the hefty fine and watching your insurance rates go up and out of the roof! A traffic citation is likely one of the simplest situations that involves law enforcement. There are many benefits to consider when retaining a traffic ticket attorney in Orlando. The Umansky Law Firm has traffic attorneys that have been doing this for years- they are prepared to offer you other choices and to represent you in a court of law for anything from speeding ticket to driving with a suspended license. They will not treat the citation as a simple infraction of the law because they know there could be permanent consequences, such as:

  • Assessed points on your driver's license
  • Increased insurance rated accumulating for each offense
  • Suspension of your driver's license resulting from habitual offenses
  • Possible mandatory class attendance

On the Wrong Side of the Law?
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Our traffic ticket attorneys handle any traffic violation, including those related to a DUI offense. If you have received a traffic citation in Central Florida, our traffic ticket attorneys can represent your interests in a Florida court of law.

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