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Like many drivers, you may be uncertain of your rights when you receive a traffic ticket. Like most drivers, you may simply pay your traffic tickets, without knowing that you are receiving points on your driver's license that may carry long-term consequences. In some cases, you may go to court and face a driver's license suspension and criminal charges! However, it is possible to fight traffic tickets, no matter how small they may seem. You have a right to protect yourself and your future.

If you received a traffic ticket, you probably feel frustrated with no options besides accepting the citation and paying the hefty fine and watching your insurance rates go up and out of the roof. We understand. Let our legal team at The Umansky Law Firm help you stand up for your rights in traffic court.

If you get a traffic ticket, one of our attorneys can appear for you at a hearing, challenge the law enforcement officer to prove the infraction beyond a reasonable doubt, and minimize the damage to your driving record by requesting that no points be assessed by the court. We may be able to get the court to allow you to take a driving school option when you are ineligible by statute, either due to a recent driving school election or because the maximum school allowance has been surpassed.

Orlando Traffic Ticket Defense Representation

A traffic citation is one of the simplest situations that involves law enforcement. There are many benefits to consider when retaining a traffic ticket attorney in Orlando. Our traffic attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have been doing this for years. We are prepared to offer you other choices and to represent you in a court of law for anything from a speeding ticket to driving with a suspended license.

We work tirelessly to prevent driver's license suspension, to mitigate any additional points on your record, and to protect your driving privileges. Our defense attorneys represent local residents, over-the-road truck drivers and tourists who have received traffic tickets for:

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Our traffic ticket attorneys handle any traffic violation, including those related to a DUI or driving while license suspended offense. Contact us online or call The Umansky Law Firm at 407-228-3838 now to schedule your free case review.

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