Met someone online? Making plans to go meet him or her in person? Is that person a minor or did he or she turn out to be a minor without your knowledge? If you are accused of a criminal charge related to traveling to meet a minor for sexual relations in anywhere in Florida, you need an experienced Orlando criminal defense attorney who passionately believes that everyone deserves a second chance.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our sex crimes defense attorneys know that many of these cases involve trained police officers who pose as a child and reach out to unsuspecting people through Internet chat rooms, Craigslist, Backpage, text messages and social networking sites. The officer in Orlando will use suggestive language and suddenly you are taking action that you had never before considered.

Solicitation Of A Minor Defense Strategies

In Florida alone, there are three task forces charged with conducting sting operations. These operations typically involve undercover police officers misrepresenting themselves as underage boys and girls. Whether you are traveling to Orange County from Marion County or Hillsborough County, you want a local defense attorney who can defend your legal rights.

Our attorneys will fully investigate your case and use every defense possible in your situation. Before determining which defense is best in your specific situation, our firm can discuss with you any and all of the following:

  • Entrapment defense: The police were acting as a minor in order to convince the defendant to commit the crime, therefore entrapping the defendant when he or she ordinarily would not have agreed to commit the crime.
  • Lack of intent to commit the crime: Showing that there was no intent on the defendant's part to actual go through with what he or she may have been saying.
  • Mental state: The existence of psychological conditions that impact a defendant's ability to understand his or her actions.
  • No psychological predisposition: Use of expert testing to demonstrate that a defendant does not demonstrate sexual attraction to minors.
  • Forensic computer evidence: Using our experts to show that someone else may have been accessing the defendant's technology and arranging the situation in which the crime could be committed.
  • Did not know minor's age: Though difficult to pursue, we can sometimes use a defensive strategy that shows how the defendant did not know the person on the other end was a minor.
  • Free speech violation: The defendant was speaking his or her mind freely, without intent, and that speech is protected. In some cases, we can argue this position, though is often problematic.

If you have been criminally charged for traveling to meet a minor in central Florida, you are in for a fight. At our firm, each of our attorneys has more than 10 years of criminal law experience, including extensive trial experience. We have worked as former prosecutors, and know how to prepare and craft a case for a jury. Put our experience to work for you.

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