When you are facing sex crime charges, you need a lawyer who understands the legal impact as well as the personal impact of the case. The societal stigma associated with sex crimes can be even more damaging, leading to loss of a job, estrangement from family, and divorce. Criminal penalties include jail or prison and a lifetime of sex offender registration.

You have an ally in the fight for your rights. We at The Umansky Law Firm are here to help. In sex crimes cases, early intervention by an experienced criminal defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in a case, especially when accusations of child sexual abuse are involved. By getting in touch with our experienced and trusted lawyers as soon as possible, we can begin working to protect your future.

Protecting the Rights of People Accused of Sex Crimes

Our sex crimes defense attorneys at The Umansky Law Firm have years of experience in the criminal justice system handling sex crimes cases across Central Florida. We defend against any and all sex crimes charges, including:

Defense Strategies in Florida Sex Crimes Cases

As former prosecutors, our criminal defense attorneys are well-versed on how prosecutors prepare sex crimes cases, and on the challenges and problems that a case might involve.

  • For example, some people bring false charges of sexual assault to cover up consensual sex if it would be damaging to the person's family.
  • False charges can also be brought to seek revenge against the accused person.
  • False memory syndrome can come into play when children make allegations that they have been victimized. The questions parents, teachers, therapists or police ask a child can cause the child to say and remember things that didn't really occur.
  • If photos, computer files, or other materials were confiscated from you, was the search and seizure properly handled by the police? If not, that evidence is not admissible.
  • Were you entrapped to commit a crime you would not normally have committed?
  • Did someone hack into your computer and download images that you would never have downloaded yourself?

Contact Our Sex Crime Attorneys in Orlando

If you are facing a criminal charge for a sex crime, our experienced defense attorneys will aggressively protect your rights. Contact us online or call us at 407-228-3838 anytime, day or night, to schedule a free consultation. Our goal is to minimize the negative consequences of a sex crime charge or conviction and to get the best possible outcome, given the facts of your case.

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