This woman's erratic driving has been on your radar for a mile and a half, but you cannot seem to get away from her. Swerving. Changing lanes. She's clearly a hazard on the road. Why? She is sipping a latte, yapping on her Blackberry, and applying eyeliner. Or, maybe she is fumbling through her notes for a presentation when she is running late to a meeting. So, it is no surprise when you wind up in a pile-up that she causes-with the physical injuries and car damage to show for it. This is a clear case of driver distraction.

Orlando Car Accident Attorneys Helping Clients Charged with Distracted Driving

Distractions are inherent while operating a car. Billboards, construction signs, and even fellow drivers can take your focus off your surroundings. Technology can also play a role in distracted driving when drivers choose to use cell phones for calls or texts.

In one split second, you can find yourself in another lane or the shoulder. A nearby police officer pulls you over. He or she may notice a cell phone, newspaper or make-up kit on the seat of your car. The officer will assume that you were driving in a distracted matter and cite or arrest you for the infraction.

Former Prosecutors Protecting the Rights of Drivers

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At The Umansky Law Firm, we provide both aggressive representation and rights protection for our clients charged with distracted driving. Criminal matters become more complex and the stakes are raised when an accident supposedly caused by distracted driving has injured or killed another driver.

Police may want you to talk about the accident and even admit to distracted driving. Prosecutors could convince you to plead guilty immediately to make the matter go away. However, a conviction will impact your criminal record and increase your insurance rates. If serious or fatal injuries were a result of the accident, you could be liable for personal injury damages as well.  That's why it is important to speak with an experienced auto accident lawyer immediately after the incident.

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