Every year hundreds of people wind up in the hospital after being hit by a car or truck while riding their bike. Even more tragic than these numbers is the fact that in any given year more than half of these bicycle accident victims are children.

Bicycle accident injuries are typically quite serious. The most common cause of death in a bike accident is from head injuries. The most debilitating and life-changing injuries are brain injuries.

A Few Facts About Bicycle Accidents

  • The driver of a motor vehicle has a responsibility to drive with care: The most common "reason" we hear from car drivers after a car-bike collision is that they didn't see the bike. That's the same thing they say when they hit a motorcycle. It's not a valid an excuse in either case.
  • A defect in the bike may have played a part in the accident: It's not only car drivers who cause bike accidents. Sometimes there is a product defect in a critical part of the bike that finally breaks, causing a crash. This can be equally deadly, especially if the biker is traveling at high speed at the time. The U.S. Consumer Safety Commission, which listing current product recalls, has listed recalls on such things as cable stops, handlebars, unsafe spoke protector disks, bicycle suspension forks, and front trays.
  • Unsafe properties can also lead to injury: It is the responsibility of property owners to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. This may include installing signage to warn of hazards, fencing a property, or repairing and maintaining property.

Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney in Orlando

If your loved one was injured in a bicycle accident, contact an Orlando car accident lawyer at The Umansky Law Firm before you agree to any financial settlement with an insurance company. We work to ensure you receive a full and fair financial settlement in any type of personal injury case.

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