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Orlando DUI/DWI Lawyers Representing Individuals All Over central Florida Can Represent You Too.

Speaking with a lawyer from the Umansky Law Firm during a free consultation as soon as possible may be a course best chosen.  Reach us at (407)228-3838 immediately to learn your options.

Did you know that in a DUI case, the prosecutor has two ways to prove that you were drinking and driving?

  1. They can show that your blood alcohol level exceeded the legal limit, or
  2. They can show that you were impaired.

Usually, prosecutors prefer the first method of proof, using a breathalyzer or some other device to show violation of Florida's drunk driving laws.

How do we know that? Because we're former prosecutors ourselves, and our Orlando DUI/DWI defense lawyers understand how prosecutors handle a DUI case.

Former Prosecutors Protecting the Rights of People Accused of DUI
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At The Umansky Law Firm in Orlando our DUI/DWI defense attorneys have extensive experience representing residents and tourists throughout Central Florida who have been charged with violating Florida's DUI laws. Contact us when you need an aggressive defense.

  • As a prosecutor, founding partner Bill Umansky handled thousands of criminal cases and participated in more than one hundred trials.
  • Zahra Umansky is a former prosecutor and police legal advisor who trained police on DUI procedures and law. She has also handled numerous DUI cases and aggressively goes to trial if her clients are not satisfied with the plea offer made by the State.
  • Attorney Gary Schwartz was both a prosecutor and a public defender before joining The Umansky Law Firm. He has handled numerous DUI cases, including complex challenges to DUI blood tests and DUI manslaughter cases.

Put our experience to work for you. We represent clients charged with drunk driving in Central Florida in Orange County, Seminole County, Brevard County, Lake County, Polk County, and Hillsborough County.

Staying on Top of Changing Technology

We believe we have a responsibility, as Florida DUI attorneys, to stay on the cutting edge of technology. We understand the latest developments in field sobriety testing, breathalyzers, ignition interlock devices, and other new technologies and techniques that can affect your case and our DUI defense strategies.

Successful DUI defense strategies may include:

What does this mean to a Florida resident, tourist, or truck driver with a CDL charged with a DUI in Central Florida? It means The Umansky Law Firm has the experience needed to vigorous defend your case.  We also handle cases of sealing or expunging your DUI record.

Our Criminal Law Firm Offers Payment Plans

On the Wrong Side of the Law?
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We accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express and offer customized payment plans. Our Orlando DUI/DWI attorneys represent clients throughout Central Florida, including Orlando, Windermere, Altamonte Springs, Ocoee, Oviedo, Maitland, Celebration, Longwood, Sanford, Kissimmee, and Melbourne.

Learn more about DUI and the law . See our DUI practice center.

Some Things to Consider About DUI

Will a DUI conviction affect your insurance? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you get arrested and are convicted for DUI in the state of Florida, the Florida legislature may require you to get SR-22 insurance. That's bad, because it's a high risk insurance policy and all of the main insurance car companies are going to make you pay for that. Their thinking is, you got arrested and convicted for DUI and you might actually end up causing another accident, or unfortunately get another DUI and possibly hurt someone. Their rationalities to raise the rates on your insurance policy are to take a very, very careful risk based upon your driving history.

Anyone who enters a no contest to guilty plea to a DUI can certainly appeal a sentence within 30 days. At least that's what the judge will tell you and that's what is usually stated on your plea form. The trick is that you can only appeal in a lawful sentence and as long as a judge sentences you to the penalties that you typically have to get on a DUI per statute, there is nothing to appeal. If you plan on entering a plea to a DUI and then think that you could appeal it to fight it later on, you may prefer to retain an attorney as soon as possible to help you fight the DUI. Once you enter a plea of no contest to a DUI, you will be adjudicated guilty. You will not be able to appeal this sentence, unless it is illegal and it very rarely is illegal. Unfortunately, all you'll be able to say for yourself is that you have a permanent conviction, because, unfortunately, once you plead no contest to a DUI, you can never get it off your record.

What's the difference between a DUI and DWI? There is no such thing as a DWI in the state of Florida. In other states, they may call it a DWI, which is Driving While Intoxicated. In Florida, it's actually Driving Under the Influence, but this probably means the same in both states.

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