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Defense against cyber and computer crime charges requires representation from an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle the high-tech evidence involved in these cases. At The Umansky Law Firm, we conduct in-depth investigations, often with the help of computer forensic experts. We build strong cases designed to protect you from the serious repercussions that can come with a cyber crime conviction.

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Defense Against Computer-Related Sex Crimes

While all computer-related crimes can have severe consequences, Internet sex crimes come with the potential of sex offender registration. A conviction for a cyber sex crime will permanently change your life, so it is critical to choose an experienced defense lawyer.

The orlando criminal attorneys at our law firm understand just how serious the government is about making arrests and getting convictions. We know that there are special task forces throughout Florida trained specifically to handle these matters. After an arrest, when these cases get in front of a prosecutor, the prosecutor is not likely to take the charges lightly. Our criminal defense attorneys must prepare to go to trial in order to defend clients who face these serious charges.

Defense Against All Crimes Involving the Use of the Computer

There is a seemingly endless array of criminal charges that can involve unlawful use of a computer. Our criminal defense lawyers can defend against allegations of identity theft and the various types of fraud. We can handle cases of computer hacking.

Our experience also allows us to handle unique cases, including harassment, stalking and domestic violence cases that involve the use of e-mail, instant messenger, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and other social networks, and other Internet services.

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