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At The Umansky Law Firm, we are contacted daily by people who are struggling to move forward with their life due to an arrest that happened years ago. We also speak with many people that got arrested recently and want to know how they can avoid those same struggles. Fortunately, in the State of Florida you can remove a prior arrest from your record by having it sealed. By doing this, your criminal record no longer has to follow you and prevent you from reaching your goals.

Do Not Let Your Criminal Record Hold You Back

Perhaps it was an offense committed 15 years ago, or a misdemeanor offense committed when you were younger. It doesn't matter how long ago it was, or what the offense was. Once you are in the criminal justice system, your past can follow you, and it can interfere with your ability to move forward in your life.

The existence of a criminal record may reduce or eliminate your ability to achieve the many things that you are trying to accomplish, including:

  • Obtaining gainful employment
  • Obtaining or maintaining academic enrollment in a university
  • Eligibility for scholarships
  • Developing a career
  • Advancing in your employment

People make mistakes, but we feel everyone should be entitled to a second chance. Unfortunately, our criminal justice system thinks otherwise and can end up punishing you for the rest of your life after just one simple mistake. Even after you've made good on your actions and learned from your mistake, the system can make it nearly impossible to progress forward and achieve your goals.

The process of sealing your record is complicated. Without the assistance of an experienced defense attorney you run a high risk of having your request denied. We have dedicated a section of our practice to handle the sealing of criminal records and have helped countless clients over the years. Don't let the justice system hold you back any longer, take the first step towards freedom and find out if your are eligible to have your record sealed.

Can My Record Be Sealed?

Find out if you are eligible by calling 407-228-3838. You can also use our live chat service to speak with us about your case and answer your questions.

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