You may welcome probation as an alternative to jail and other criminal penalties. You have probably realized that being on probation provides barriers to the freedoms enjoyed by those without criminal convictions. You may feel like you are being kept on a leash — especially if you're constantly living in fear of violating strict probationary terms. Your freedoms may be restored if you meet the necessary qualifications for early termination.

Eligibility For Early Termination Of Probation

You may be eligible for early termination of probation if you have:

  • Served at least 50 percent of the probationary term
  • Completed all conditions of your probation

In addition, you must prove to the court that you have remained in good behavior throughout your probationary period, and that you have learned from your mistake. In other words, you cannot seek early termination simply because you do not have the freedom to live the way you choose.

Our attorneys will file a petition for early termination and schedule a court hearing. Under Florida Statute Section 948.05, the court is required to consider petitions for early termination of probation and to grant it when "justice requires." In the court hearing, we will provide ample and compelling information to show why the petition should be granted. Once the motion is granted, we can also assist you in sealing your criminal record if you are eligible.

You have proven that you deserve a second chance by completing the conditions of your probation. Let us help you move forward with your life.

You Deserve A Second Chance. Contact A Florida Probation Lawyer.

At The Umansky Law Firm, our criminal defense attorneys represent people who have completed the conditions of their probation and are seeking to terminate the remainder of the probation before the appointed time. As former prosecutors, we have extensive experience with the court system and know what is necessary for a successful outcome.

Do you have questions about your eligibility for early termination of probation? To schedule a free case review with our criminal defense attorneys, contact us online or call our Orlando, Florida, office at 407-228-3838.

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