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Have you been arrested? Charged with a crime? Is this your first time in trouble with the law? Get help now. Often, people who are arrested or charged with a crime are decent, hardworking people who just make a foolish mistake. People just like you. Now, when you are scared and overwhelmed with the legal process, you need help and don't know where to turn. That's where we at The Umansky Law Firm step in.

Who Is A First-Time Offender?

When someone has never had any issues with the law before, they are considered a first-time offender. Traffic tickets are not usually considered as previous run-ins with the law, except in certain situations.

When representing first offenders, we are often able to use that status in order to get our clients a reduced sentence, dismissal of the charges or entry into a diversion program designed to prevent them from offending in the future. First offender programs and options are available to people facing certain types of first-time charges, such as juvenile offenses, domestic violence, prostitution, solicitation and some DUI (drunk driving) situations. If the charges are a first-time federal drug charge, there is a specific federal diversion program that may be available. Under the Federal First Offender Act, the accused can enter the program and upon successful completion, be considered free from a conviction on the matter.

Options For First-Time Offenders

First-time offenders find themselves with more options than individuals who have been in trouble with the law before. Depending on your specific situation, we may be able to deal with your case using the below methods:

  • Charges dismissed: If we are able to negotiate the dismissal of your charges, it may allow you to expunge the arrest and all mention of the issue from your criminal record. Prosecutors are often not willing to completely dismiss charges, but if your situation qualifies, we can aggressively pursue this option.
  • Plea bargaining: By taking this option, you allow us to negotiate with the prosecutors and possibly secure a lesser charge for you. This can result in a lighter punishment and the possibility that your criminal record may be sealed in the future.
  • Pretrial diversion or intervention programs: It may be possible to secure your admission into a pretrial diversion or intervention program. These are designed to provide you with information, education, treatment and guidance that relate to the criminal situation that left you arrested and charged. By successfully completing this program, your charges will be dismissed and an expungement possible.
  • Drug court: Much like a pretrial diversion or intervention program, if you qualify for and successfully complete drug court, your charges may be lessened, dismissed and/or expunged from your record.

Professionals Who Are First-Time Offenders

If you are a professional whose livelihood depends on maintaining a state-issued license, an arrest, criminal charge or conviction can place your future in jeopardy. We work with professionals in order to get them the option they need for dealing with a criminal issue, in order to move forward and protect their jobs.

Never Been In Trouble With The Law? Don't Go It Alone!

Our Orlando criminal defense attorneys are experienced in dealing with those who find themselves arrested or facing criminal charges for the first time. Since prosecutors and judges realize that mistakes are made, a first-time offender may be eligible for any number of different resolutions to the case. This can lead to the dropping or dismissing of the charge, and other possible benefits down the road.

Our firm is dedicated to helping those who find themselves pulled into the criminal legal system for the first time. Whether you are a local central Florida resident, a resident of another area of Florida – or even a visitor to our area, the professional criminal defense attorneys at our firm can protect your constitutional rights, and defend your case to obtain the best possible outcome on your behalf.

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