The reasons people steal from Wal-Mart are as varied as the people who do the stealing. People will come up with such things for being unemployed, they are homeless, their job does not pay enough for them to buy the essentials that they need to support their family -- the list goes on. In cases where the Wal-Mart is a Super Wal-Mart, people will use the excuse that they could not afford to pay for food they steal.

Another excuse people may use is that Wal-Mart is part of a chain of stores that make enough in sales that the company will not be hurt financially if the item is a low price item.

The consequences for stealing from Wal-Mart can be very damaging to the individual who commits the crime of shoplifting. They can be incarcerated for a few days or a few months, if not for a few years, depending on how much the theft amounts too in dollar value and whether or not they have been arrested for shoplifting in the past.

Along with the possibility of incarceration, the individual may have to pay fines as well as court costs and the fees and time they will have to commit to their crime. There is also a good possibility of being court ordered to not be allowed back into a Wal-Mart shopping center.

Other consequences of stealing from Wal-Mart may include how the individual is treated if they are young enough to still be in school. A conviction for shoplifting can show up on a person background check which is commonly done for new employees applying for a job, and a conviction could be the reason for a company to discharge an employee therefore causing them to be without a job at all.

There is also the possibility that when a person has been convicted of shoplifting it is not uncommon for other people to not trust the person as much.

Regardless of if the person is of a young age, or an adult some charges of shoplifting will always are on their record and follow them through life.

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