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Personal Information
Property Damage

Please send us copies of any estimates, photographs of property damage etc. (If auto case please fill out if your case does not involve a car accident please move on below)

Has the damage to your vehicle been taken care of?

  1. If NO, please call us at (407) 228-3838 to further discuss.

Lost Wages

Has any wages been paid under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or any other Disability Policy?

  1. If NO, Please call us to discuss what we can do to help you with your lost wages claim.

Medical Treatment

Are you still treating with your doctor?

  1. If YES, are you getting bills or incurring out of pocket expenses?

    Please forward to our office for processing.

    Let us know status of treatment including any other referrals to doctors or tests you have taken such as MRI.

    If you are NOT treating, why not? Please call us at (407) 228-3838 and tell us why.

If you are finished treating, have you gotten a letter from us asking how this accident has impacted your life?

  1. If YES, did you fill it out and send it back to us? Please do so right away.

    If NO, call us at (407) 228-3838 so we can get that letter out to you right away.

If you finished treating, did you call us?

  1. If NO, call us at (407) 228-3838 today so we can order final report from your doctor and order the bills and records so we can begin the negotiation process with the insurance company.

If you are finished treating, did you get a copy of your letter we sent to the insurance company asking for a monetary amount to settle your case?

  1. If YES, call (407) 228-3838 to discuss how settlement negotiations are going.

    If NO, call us at (407) 228-3838 to discuss what we plan to demand to settle your case and what we can do to advance your case towards settlement or resolution.

Case Settled?

If your case is settled did you get your check?

  1. If YES, please fill out survey and let us know what you think about how we handled your case.

    If NO, call us to find out when your check is ready.


If your case is not settled and we filed a lawsuit, call us at (407) 228-3838 to discuss the status of your case and answer any questions you may have regarding your case.

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